I've got Meduseld in my room.

I've got to say that it's kind of nice to have Meduseld in your room if you invite Tolkien friends. Good conversation opener ;) My dad was in Canada in Feburary in 2013 and bought there a 3D puzzle of Meduseld to me. It's a bit embarrassing to say but I didn't finish the puzzle until this month. Ok, I haven't been working on it since Feburary last year but still, it's not good. Anyways, I really enjoyed this puzzle and it's so cool to have in your room. I have a slight problem though, I don't really have the space for it... But I'll figure out somewhere to put it (right now it's jammed up with angels and books which you can see in the picture). Each piece in the puzzle is quite big but it was still a bit difficult (for me at least...). The puzzle contains 742 pieces and some extra paper details. On amazon the Golden Hall costs 49.99 $ but I think that it's possible to buy them in store aswell, depending on where you live. I saw on Wrebbits webpage that they also had a Hobbiton, a Citadel of Minas Tirith and an Orthanc-puzzle but I do think that the Meduseld-puzzle was the coolest of the four.
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