Comic Con to Stockholm

I've heard rumors that Comic Con might come to Stockholm, Kistamässan. I don't know what to say. I'm that happy. I'm. GAAAAAAAAH! The press conference will be held in a few days (29 april) and then we'll get more news. However, I'm a bit nervous that it will be held when the old Gamex was held (in early November) which means that I'm probably going to miss it. Not cool. Not at all.

The Doctor Who evening

I know it's been almost (more than!) a week since I was at the Doctor Who evening that The English Bookshop had arranged but I thought that it was better late than never to post a review-ish thing about it.
Sooo, I hadn't had the time to do a complicated costume but I still wanted to dress up so I decided to do a TARDIS inspired look (and sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I took them with my iPhone since I had forgotten to bring my camera...)
Visar image.jpeg Visar image.jpeg
Confession of the day: I'm quite fond of painting my nails so I did a Doctor Who inspired nail art especially for the evening.
Visar image.jpeg Visar image.jpeg
Pinky fingers: Sylver McCoy-inspired/Matt Smith-inspired.
Ring fingers: Dalek/Union Jack
Middle fingers: Snow monster/The empty child
Index fingers: How many times I've seen the Silence/David Tennant-inspired
Thumbs: Dalek/Doctor Who-logo
Well, the evening wasn't really about what I wore or how my nails looked like but Sylvester McCoy. The evening started off with some information about the Seventh Doctor and Sylvester McCoy. After that Sylvester McCoy entered the stage and had a wonderful conversation with Kristina R(something...). They talked about everything from how McCoy got into acting, what he thought when the show was suspended, The Hobbit and the future. It was really intresting to listen to him and he was so incredibly funny! I never thought that he actually was like that in real life, but apparently he was. After some time there was time for a question session and instead of sitting down Sylvester McCoy went to those in the audience that had a question.
Visar image.jpeg
A close-up of Who?
After all the questions there was an intermission where you could buy Doctor Who merchandize and take a photo with Sylvester McCoy. I had to restrain myself from buying too much stuff but I let myself buy to things which I'll show later. I took (of course) a photo with the Doctor himself (and I even spoke to him :D ).
Visar DSC_1030.jpg
When the intermission was over there was a fashion show (which I participated in). It was so fun to see all the others who had dressed up, some of them had really put an effort into their clothes! The evening drew towards its end and I went home really happy and pleased with how the evening had turned out. Here's the two things I bought;

River Song's Diary och en TARIDS-mugg


What I will be longing for this winter

There are sooo many amazing things happening this winter. Most of you probably know of all them already but I just wanted to do a small list of them and my expectations for them. 

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversairy, 23rd of November
My previous blog post was dedicated to this subject so I won't go into detail again but I'm really, really excited about the three Doctors and what horrible things John Hurt's Doctor has done. So really looking forward to next week.

Dr Who Night, 28th of November
I've forbidden myself to think about this for a very long time, actually almost since I bought the ticket the 14th of September (is it really that long ago???) since I knew that I was going to fangirl about it too much but it's going to be so freaking amazing. I will definately do a big, big post about this (hopefully with pictures of SYLVESTER MCCOY!). I know that this is something most people won't be able to experience, and all tickets are now sold out, but I just thought that the list would be incomplete without it.
Twisted, 28th of November
Starkid is going to upload their most recent parody musical, Twisted, this Thanksgiving. I've fallen in love with evey single musical Starkid has done in the past and I don't think this will be an exeption. They're such good singers, dancers and actors and the plot is usually so crazy, funny and marvellous that it can't get any better. I'm really curious about how the new members of Starkid are, but I think they're going to be just as good as the rest.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, 11th of December
Yes. We all know this, but it's going to be terrific. I'll be going, just as last year on the night premiere (at least I hope, if nothing unexpected happens). Unfortunately I haven't been able to sew anything this year... I'm really disappointed in myself actually, but I've just not had the time. But with or without a costume, the premiere will be rocking, I'm sure!

Not Literally's Doctor Who Christmas Special
More Doctor Who :D Not Literally is probably the best parody-making-group on youtube right now and I can't wait to see their video which they've done together with Matt Smith's look-alike Matt Elliot. Don't know the exact date when it's going to be up online but I think it's going to be around Christmas. Anyways, their videos are always great and I doubt that this will be an expection.

Game of Thrones season 4, early 2014
It feels as though it's been forever since last season and it's going to be so great to be able to laugh and cry together with all the characters from Westerose. I don't really know what to expect from this season and truth be told, I've almost forgotten what's going to happen since I read all the books in one row and all events gets mixed up, so it'll be intresting to see where we are right now.