The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide

For some days ago I got The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Official Movie Guide  by Brian Sibley! I haven't finished reading it yet but from what I've read I can say that this is a really book! In September I bought another "Movie guide-thing" (which I think was more for children) and this one was waay better! It's approximately 170 pages and contains a looot of information about the characters, the actors, the production of the movie, the costume-making etc. I do really recommend this book althought it was (like many of these books) a bit expensive. I'm not sure if I would have bought it by my own (my mother gave it to me as a gift) because you had to pay ~ 300 kr here in Sweden (~ 28 GBP and 70 USD). However, abroad it might be cheaper. But if you want to buy one book about the movie, this is the book you should buy. Another thing which is a huge plus is the pictures in the book! I've never seen at least 40-50 % of the pictures which was really fun! (And the quality of the pictures is really good too!)
I just saw that Amazon is selling this book and it only cost 10.17 USD which is quite a lot cheaper than 28 GBP...

What you need for queuing outside the cinema

In most countries the ticket for The Hobbit have already gone on sale but here in Sweden we have to wait until Sunday, the 2nd, to buy our tickets. Since I tend to forget a lot of things I've done a little list of things you might need while waiting for the cinema to open. I won't be sleeping outside the cinema (I think I'll instead take the earliest bus) so my list doesn't include tents and stuffs like that.
- Money (no money no tickets....)
- Chair (so you don't need to be standing for 6 hours)
- hot choclate
- a cup
- sleeping bag (you can at least sit in it so your legs get a bit warm)
- 2 pair of socks
- 2 pair of gloves (one pair of mitten gloves and one pair of ordinary gloves which you can have inside your mitten gloves)
- thermal pants
- wind-proof/waterproof pants
- thermal shirt
- a warm jacket
- cellphone
- snacks
- water
- camera (with charged batteries...)
- a warm tuque
I don't really know how many layers of clothes I'm gonna wear, we'll see. Yesterday said that it was going to be - 16 degrees celsius on sunday which I think is pretty cold but today they said that it was going to be only - 9 degrees celsius which is not too bad. So we'll see! Hopefully I'll be able to take a lot of pictures :D


Den 2 december är det biljettsläpp för premiärnatten för The Hobbit! Jag planerar inte att tälta, jag måste plugga rätt mycket den helgen, men jag tänker åka ner tidigt på söndagen!

Lite info från SF (som jag för övrigt tycker har varit jättesega!!!!)