The new Doctor.

So this week's treat was to see the new Doctor in the season premiere of Doctor Who. I unfortunately couldn't go to any screening because I worked this weekend but I eventually got time to see Peter Capaldi in his new role as the Doctor. I think it's always a bit strange to see a new Doctor. You know that they are the same person but the new looks and characteristics makes me think of them as separate persons. For example, I find it very strange to think the the Doctor who fell in love with Rose is the same person who was married to River Song. With that said I think the scene when Clara speaks to both the Eleventh Doctor and the Twelth Doctor was really good since it made the transgression between the Doctors smoother and you could somewhat grasp that they were the same person.
Anyways, what did I think of Peter Capaldi then? I always find it a bit difficult to like new Doctors, I even disliked the Tenth Doctor in the beginning (and that says a lot), but I think Peter Capaldi did a good performance. I felt that he was actually the Doctor and although I thought that he was a bit old when I first learned that he would be the new Doctor I think it makes a good contrast to the Eleventh Doctor. He's definately a lot "darker" than his previous incarnations and even though I think it's good to have a Doctor with high moral and a big conscience the darker side makes it a bit more interesting. But we have to see whether it'll continue, after all, he's pretty fresh and as we've seen with the previous Doctors, they do tend to change a bit over the course of the seasons.
I'm really excited for this season and I'm really sad (OK, not really) that I'm not going to be able to see the entire season because as I've previously mentioned, I'm leaving for New Zealand in 20 days and I doubt that I'll be able to watch the series over there since I have no idea what kind of television or internet access I'll have. But one thing that comes from not being able to see most of the season is that I can binge watch it when I come back :D
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman on the set of Doctor Who

Ask the Doctor!

You probably know by now that I love Not Literally and Doctor Who quite a lot and what could be better than Ask the Doctor? Matt Elliott plays the Eleventh regeneration of the Doctor and he's answering all sorts of questions. Kind of like Ask Hogwarts, but with the Doctor! I thought it was funny, however, I do like Ask Hogwarts better, Matt Elliott was somewhat a bit awkward (not that I didn't like it, it was just something that bothered me) and it was kind of annoying with the constantly changing camera angles. BUT perhaps it was just the first episode, I am anyways looking forward to the next episode!


My adipose Estrid.

I just had to write a quick post and show you my darling Estrid who I got from my parents as a Christmas present. Isn't she the cutest ever? I am literally obsessed with her (and yes, it's a girl). These adiposes actually feel like some kind of fat, which is at first kind of gross, but shortly afterwards you get used to the feeling and it's actually really anti-stressful (which is the true purpose of this toy although I'm simply going to have it as a cute marshmellowish-toy.)
Another Doctor Who-present I got from my parents was the second season of Doctor Who (with David Tennant as The Doctor) which I'm going to watch during this holiday :D

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