The Tolkien Tag

I'm about to leave on vacation soon and I need to pack all my stuff. But since I'm a big procrastinator and don't wanna do it I decided to do the Lord of the Ring Tag instead!
The Lord of the Rings

1. Books or movies?
Depends. I do like the movies, and especially when I want some action + fantasy, but the books, oh my, I love them so much. 

2. Which character do you connect with the most?
Éowyn. Story of my life. Haha not really, but I just love her spirit and passion. 
3. What are your top 5 favorite tracks from the soundtracks?
Concerning Hobbits - obviously...
A Elbereth Gilthoniel
May it be - so beautiful. 
Misty Mountains - that song gives me chills every single time. 
The Ride of the Rohirrim. 

4. Which scene always makes you cry?
"A day may come when the courage of men fails, when we forsake our friends and break all ... But it is not this day!" That scene. But also the last scene of The Hobbit, because it reminds me of good memories and that this epic journey reached its end.

5. Where would you live in Middle-earth?
Rohan or the Shire. 

6. Which race would you be?
Human, a shieldmaiden of the rohirrim.

7. Orcs or Uruk-hai?
Neither. Kill them all!

8. Favorite character?
Besides Éowyn I do love Lúthien and Beren. 

9. Which character do you look the most like?
I don't really look like any character but people keep telling me that I look like an elf. 

10. Who is your favorite paring? (canon or non-canon)
Hm... probably Lúthien and Beren but Éowyn and Faramir is a good one too.

11. Who is your least favorite paring? (canon or non-canon)
Fili and Tauriel. 

12. What unpopular opinion do you have for the movies?
I kind of do like Legolas snowboarding skills in LotR (not The Hobbit, a bit too much there.)

13. If you could change anything about the movies, what would it be?
Haha, don't get me started. But I can at least say, why leave out The Scouring of the Shire??

14. How do you think Tolkien would have felt about Peter Jackson’s adaptations?
He would probably get a heart-attack. 

15. Whose wardrobe would you like to have?
Éowyn's or Tauriels. 

16. Rivendell or Lothlorien?
Probably Lothlórien. 

17. Least favorite character?
The Master of Lake Town.

18. Have you ever cosplayed as one of the characters? If not, who would you choose?
Yep. Arwen and Tauriel (kind of ironic since I don't like her that much :P). 

19. What scene makes you laugh the most?
The scene where Merry and Pippin are talking about second breakfasts luncheon etc and Aragorn toss them an apple. 

20. If you could meet 3 of the actors, who would you choose?
Evangeline Lilly (even though I don't like her character I have to say that Evangeline Lilly is badass), Orlando Bloom (he's after all my early teenage crush) and Viggo Mortensen. 

21. What are your top five favorite lines from the films?
"Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."
“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the Ages of this world alone.”
“A day may come when the courage of men fails… but it is not THIS day.”
“I thought up an ending for my book. ‘And he lives happily ever after, till the end of his days.'”
"These are Rhosgobel Rabbits! I'd like to see them try."
22. Have you watched any of the animated films? If so, what are your opinions?
Nope, I've watched a weird russian adaption though and interesting is probably the best way to describe it. 

23. How has LOTR affected your life?
Ehm. It brought me to New Zealand, one of my biggest passions, sewing comes from my love for LotR and I've gotten so many friends due to our love for Tolkien's works. 

24. Weapon of choice?
Bow(tie)s are cool. 

25. Would you have volunteered to destroy the Ring?
Eheheh. No. But I would probably have guilted myself into doing it and being killed on the way and Middle-earth would've fallen into Sauron's hands. 

26. Who do you think is the most attractive character?
Legolas, Aragorn, Thorin and Fili. Oh, you said one character?

27. Do you own any LOTR merchandise? If so, what is your favorite item?
Of course I do! I really like the (original) leaves I have from the party tree above Bag End. They are plastic and spray painted green because New Zealand does not have trees that look like party trees. But besides those I love my elf ears. 

28. Have you read the book?
Is that even a question?

29. Have you ever had a LOTR marathon? Describe your perfect marathon.
I have not yet watched all of the movies in one day, I have however watched The Hobbit-movies and LotR-movies in a very short time. But my perfect marathon would be with the six movies, exteneded edition, with my favourite NZ-people, a huge amount of snacks, pizza and snuggle-time. 

30. When did you first watch the films and/or read the book?
I read The Hobbit when I was 12 years, watched LotR when I was 14 and read all the books the same year as that. 

31. What is your favorite film/book?
I really like the first LotR-movie and The Silmarillion. 

32. Get drink with/marry/fight to the death. (Pick three characters)
Merry (it would be a fun time), Faramir (and persuade him to move to Rohan), Aragorn (he would obviously not die so then he could save me).

33. Which scene scares you the most?
The Shelob-scene, couldn't watch it the first time and it still creeps me out. 

34. Gondor or Rohan?
Rohan, obviously. 

35. Which character(s) would you want as your parent(s)?
Bilbo and Tauriel. 

36. Which characters would you want as your best friends?
Frodo and Balin

37. When was the last time you watched the films/read the book?
When I was in New Zealand, in Queenstown, looking over both Rohan and Mordor from my bedroom. 

38. Favorite horse?
Shadowfax is a beautiful horse. 

39. If you could spend a day in Middle-earth, what would you want to do?
Well, since I've basically already spent some days in Middle-earth and visited The Shire, Rohan and Mordor I would really like to see Moria. But also Edoras with the Golden Hall. And re-visit The Shire without all the tourists but have a nice party there with some die-hard fans. 

40. Is there anything you would change about the books?
Probably cut down on Frodo's and Sam's journey through Mordor....

41. What do you think is the greatest lesson LOTR has to offer?
That one single, small person can change the course of the future if he/she has enough courage and determination. It's the perfect story of hope in times of despair, that even when it looks the darkest, there's still some light where you least expect it. 

42. What would your dream home in Middle-earth be like?
If I could pick and choose all over, I would like a Hobbit-hole with some talans in my backyard, on the borders to Rohan. 
43. How would you describe what LOTR means to you in one word?

44. Which death makes you the most sad?
Thorin's death. Kili's death was handled so terribly and Fili's was over-made. 

45. Favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the films?
Perhaps not really behind-the-scenes, but I love the Easter Egg where Dominic Monaghan interviews Elijah Woods. 

46. f you could own any item from the films, what would it be?
I would love to take one of the swords. 

47. If you had the opportunity to meet the Professor, what do you think you would say?
Thank you. Thank you so much. 
This tag was taken from here. I think you should do it too, it was actually really fun thinking about all these things. Now I really need to go to bed and hopefully I'm going to be dreaming about a red viking dress I'm about to start on soon (hopefully more info about that will be up soon.)

Ten thoughts on Game of Thrones - season 5

This season of Game of Thrones has by far been the most intense season. I've had mixed feelings about a lot of things (as many others have) and I thought that I would write down 10 things about what I've thought about this season. As always,
...soo a huge spoiler warning (for both books and show).
1. Where is Lady Stoneheart? I was looking foreward to see her so freaking much but it seems like they completely cut her out of the story. I kind of understand it, right know she isn't a major character and the directors have to choose what they want to show since they don't have unlimited time, but still. Lady Stoneheart is probably the most epic and badass character ever!
2. I honestly don't really know what to feel about the wedding between Sansa and Ramsey. Ideally I wouldn't have had her marry Ramsey but since they decided to cut out the Jeyne Poole-story I do understand why they chose to include the rape-scene in Sansa's story. However, I don't think it adds anything new to Sansa's character and although I know that Westeros is extremely brutal and the show is very violent I still do think that the rape-scene wasn't necessairy.
nah.. i kinda dig Ramsay... but book Ramsay more so.
3. Speaking of Sansa, I absolutely love Theon. The way he is played by Alfie Allen is so amazing.
4. Thank you for bringing back Jaqen H'gar. Normally I like staying to the original plotline, but there's a few characters I wouldn't mind making exceptions for, and Jaqen H'gar is one of them. So badass and so cool. Love seeing more of him.
The Hound, Bronn, Jaqen...I love all 3 of these guys.
6. Seriously, what happened with Stannis, Shireen and Selyse. I wonder if we're going to see something similar in the next book or if this was completely made up by the directors. Anyway it did spoil the books quite a bit, Stannis is not going to sit on the Iron Throne for sure. This plot twist was for sure something I didn't expect but it kind of felt like it happened to shock the audience. The worse the better. I know Westeros is not always the most realistic place, but what father who just the day before loved and did everything for his daughter would burn her? Anyways, I was really happy when Brienne killed Stannis. I don't believe in karma, but if I would've, I would've said - karma always get you.
7. The dragons are AMAZING. It actually feels as though they real. Without them the Daenerys-scenes would actually be a lot more boring. I used to love Daenerys but recently I've honestly almost thought it's been a bit boring. Hopefully, it will get a bit more interesting now and more dragons please!
8. The white walkers were a lot different from what I expected them to be. Honestly, I don't really know what I did expect, but not that. When I watched the episode where Jon gathers most of the free folk and fights the white walkers I didn't like the look of them that much. However, looking back on that episode, I've changed my opinion a bit and I'm looking forward a lot to seeing where the story will take them.
9. Speaking about the North. Jon Snow. Oh dear. I knew it was coming, but still. He's dying! I refuse to believe that he's going to die. We don't even know who his father is. And it's the Song of Ice and Fire. He's supposed to be the ice and Daenerys the fire. But on the other hand, it's not the first time GRR Martin has completely surpised me.
10. I actually feel for Cersei. I used to hate her and love hating her but when I read A Dance with Dragons I starting to pity her and it has just continued with this season. I don't particularly like liking her but I can't help it. And as the big feminst I am it's been really interesting to see her struggle with men and power and how badly she wants to be able to do everything men are allowed to.  I can't believe I say this but Cersei is kind of cool.
Woman of GoT. | Definitive Proof That The Women Of "Game Of Thrones" Are Way More Badass Than The Men