Let's Make a Dread

I love dreads. I absolutely do, especially the thinner ones with a lot of beads in it. However, I also love to do old fashioned/fantasy hairstyles and those two interests can be slightly difficult to combine sometimes. So result of that: three dreads. Until today. Three became four. I took some pictures of that if anyone of you are interested in making dreads yourself. Dreads are amazing!
Step one. Section out the hair you want to make your dread from. Depending on how thick you want your dread your section will vary in size. My section was probably around 1.5 cm. 
Start back combing your section. Only comb it in small strokes, don't comb it all the way from the bottom all the way up. Your hair will get very poofy (if it's like mine). Either you can start crocheting your hair right now or wait until you've teesed your entire section (as I did). What I do is that I leave them for now and crochet them in when I get the next point. 
Either you can start palm rolling your section (which won't create as tight of a dread instantly as crocheting but it will eventually tighten up too) or you can start crocheting. My crochet needle is a 1.25 mm needle and I bought it at a knitting store. What you want to do is start at the top of your dread, stick in the needle in your dread, slightly downwords and pull up. When you do that you'll be pulling the hair and the dread will get tighter. This will take quite a long time if you have as long hair as I do...
Now you're done! Just leave the dread and it will tighten over time. If you want to you can palm roll it (simple roll it between your palms) or crochet it (especially the ends and the top usually requires a bit of work).
Disclaimer: I'm by no means a professional when it comes to dreads, I'm just sharing how I've made my dreads. 

Hair tutorials on Youtube

As you might know, I really love doing hairstyles that are inspired by The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones etc. Some ideas I get from watching the movies and the series but other times I watch youtube-videos. There are both some very inspiring persons on youtube who does wonderful hairdos but there are also some people who do videos that aren't really worth watching. I wanted to share with you the ones that I've found who I think are the best.
I've talked about this girl before and she's amazing! Although she doesn't do that many Lord of the Rings/Game of Thrones inspired hair tutorials (maybe justs a couple each years) she does some medieval inspired hair tutorials, some art inspired hair tutorials etc which can worn for a Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones cosplay. And the best thing is that many of her hairstyles also can be worn in real life. Loepsie might not do as many hair tutorials as the other people down below but her channel is so worth checking out!
I actually discovered this girl quite recently but without a doubt, this girl knows her business. She's done quite a lot of hairdos inspired by Game of Thrones but also some hairdos from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Hunger Games and The Vikings. I don't understand how I could've not seen this girl before because she's totally awesome.
LaDollyVita33 and LaDollyVita333
This girl has two channels on which she both upload hair tutorials. She's done a lot of Game of Thrones-hair, but also some Hobbit-, The White Queen-, The Vikings-, and The Hunger Games-hair. Really wonderful and I just wish that I lived in New York so that I could meet her some time.
So long and so wonderful hair! This youtuber is doing, just like the other three girls, hairstyles inspired by Game of Thrones but also medieval inspired hairdos and for really long hair. My hair is waist length and although her hair is quite a lot longer than mine but it's possible to do her hairstyle without having that long hair.
So these are four youtubers that I recommend. There are some other people that do similar hairstyles but I find that these four are the best at explaining, updating regurlarly and actually ending up with a beautiful looking hairstyle.

Fashion in Middle-earth - Hairstyles

A little reminder to myself; never promise anything regarding how often I'm to do blog posts. Right after I did my last blog post our internet disappeared (OK, I had used up all data) and until now, when I got home (I was in Lappland), I've been without any internet.
Anyways, I thought that I would do a mini-series which I've decided to call "Fashion in Middle-earth". I am extremely intrested in fashion and makeup and hairstyles so I thought that why not take it to the next level and put a Tolkien-touch to my intrest? This first episode will be about hairstyles.

As we all know Hobbits have big curly hair. I have straight, long, thick hair which takes forever to curl with a curling iron and those kind of curls rarely last longer than it takes for me to get outside of my house. I much rather prefer to curl my hair without any heat (and it doesn't damage the hair!). Whenever I want Hobbit-hair (which isn't too often, I prefer my Elven-self) I go with his curling technique shown below.
I take a section of hair and twist it. If the section is small the curls will be tighter and smaller. The hair shoul be a little damp but not much since the buns shown below are very tight and the hair doesn't dry very easily in them. I would say perhaps 10-20 % dampness.

 I bun the twist (alternatively I bun and twist at the same time) and secure it with either a hair tie, a close bobbypin or an open bobbypin. Make sure the end of the hair is in place or it is very likely it will unravel. As said, I've got quite thick hair but around five buns per side is sufficient. You can either now go to sleep or wear them for some 8 hours when doing some indoor stuff. I have tried many curling techniques over night but I got to say that this one is one of the most uncomfortable ones to sleep with so if you're sensitive to that kind of thingsI wouldn't recommend you to sleep with these buns.
I go to sleep and in the morning take out the buns. This is the result. Since I have very long hair I don't really get the same hairstyle as the Hobbits in the movie got, but if you have shorter hair the result will be very similar.
Elven Hair
Braided Updo
When it comes to elvish hairstyles there are much more to do than with Hobbit hairstyles. Think the Middle ages, think fantastic braided updos, think anything extravagant, but elegant. The updo I wore at the premiere last December is perfect for anyone who is a beginner to intermediate with braiding. This hairstyle consists of two lace french braidswhich goes from around the temple to the back of my hair. There it is gathered in a bun. I added a round four-strand braid to give it more volume. I also did two english accent braids. Then I took small white flowers bought at a local craftstore and inserted them into the braids. To finish the hairstyle I took an inherited necklace and fastned it to the braid with bobbypins. The hairstyle in this picture is a bit messy (I had slept in it after the premiere since we had a Hobbit-day in school the day after so I have some fly-aways and the bun is not so quite nice as it was at the premiere) but you get the idea.

Galadriel Hair
Braiding requires some skills and training and these updos can sometimes be very frustrating to do for anyone who's a beginner. Luckily enough fantastic Cate Blanchett wears one of the most beautiful and yet simple hairstyles when she portraits Galadriel.
To do this hairstyle all you need to do is to take a section of hair right beside your parting and place it behind your ear. Leave the front hair so the ear is visable. If wanted you can braid your hair the previous day and then take out the braids when doing the haristyle so your hair gets a bit wavy as Galadriel's (if you don't have naturally wavy hair).
Tauriel Hairstyle
I have had my doubt about Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel, and Tauriel as a character for that matter. But I got to say that I love her hairstyle. I didn't have a computer when I did this hairstyle so I had only my memory to go on, therefore the finished hairstyle isn't exactly as Evangeline Lillys, but at least it's a Tauriel inspired hairstyle.
I make a parting from about my crone straight to my ear and tie the rest of my hair away. Then I take a piece of hair right beside my ear and divide it into three pieces.
I then make a lace french braid going from my ear upwards to my crown. I repeat it on the other side. When I get to the top of my head I continue to do a english braid for a couple of inches. Then I combine the two braids by placing the strands ontop of each other.
Continue to braid for an inch or two and tie the hair with an elastic. I then take a small piece of hair behind the ear.
I make a rope braid on each side and then combine it with the english braid which I'd recently tied away. Then I continue to braid all the way down.
This is the finished result. Unfortunately I don't have a picture from the front (I don't know what I was thinking of) and the back picture is truly bad, sorry for that. Anyways, I really like this hairstyle and I think it would be lovely with a dress or a more Ranger-like outfit like the one Tauriel is wearing.
Tomorrow I am going to London with a couple of friends, I'm truly super-excited :D Hopefully I'll get my hands on some Hobbit merchandise (although I think I'm gonna spend most of my money on clothes and makeup...)!