Graduation, parties etc

I'm not dead or anything if you wondered, it's just been quite... hectic lately. This Wednesday I graduated and the entire past month has been full of parties, graduation preparations, relatives staying at my place etc so I've not had the time to write anything, but don't worry, I have quite many ideas for blog posts in mind.
I don't know how it is where you live but here in Uppsala there's a tradition that when you graduate you have something that's called "skiva". It's a sort of party where usually a few classes go together and have a diner and later dance at a club. The funny thing is that each party have a theme (mine was Around the world). At the diner it's usually three to four classes from your school but later everyone's invited to the dance. There's also something called "The class' ____" which each person in your class gets. You get your nomination the same day as you have the big party and before that you're not supposed to know what you're going to get. And usually you also give an explanation to the nomination in the form of a poem which usually is very hilarious. I got "The class' Arwen" - suprise suprise :P And the reason why I got Arwen was because of my long brown hair and my love for Tolkien.
Then I also graduated. And although that has nothing to do with Tolkien or fantasy I though that I might include a photo of that. Just because I think it's fun and I'm the Queen of this blog ;)
Hope you've had just as an amazing month as I've had!

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