New Year's Resolutions

I'm really bad at keeping my New Year's Resolutions but I thought that by making them public it would be easier to do so. I've come up with a list of things I want to do/improve this year and all these things have to do with some of my favorite fandoms.

- Visit Middle-earth. This is more of a hope than a resolution. I've been to New Zealand twice before but I really, really want to go back. I'm graduating school this June and it would be so amazing to travel to New Zealand during the autumn/winter. I've spoken to a couple of my friends and they are eager as well to go to New Zealand, but it's still on the "it-would-be-fun-to-do"-stage. However, one of my resolutions/hopes for 2014 is to travel to New Zealand and visit Hobbiton.
- Read The Book of Lost Tales. I got this book as a present for a couple of years ago and I've barely read ten pages. It's really terrible, I know... But this year, I want to finish this book because it seemed really fantastic from the pages I read. 
- Make a Rohan-inspired dress. I've gotten very intrested in Rohan and their culture/way of living and it would be quite a challenge to make a dress inspired by the Eorlingas. Since I've barely sown anything this autumn I think a resolution would help me get back on track.
- Continue to learn elvish. For almost four years ago I began slowly to learn some elvish, just for fun. However, life got in between and I put the project on ice and elvish hasn't really gotten any better since. But I want to change that and begin to learn some elvish again because it was so challenging and wonderful.
- Start reading more (fantasy). This past year (or actually since I finished reading A Song of Ice and Fire in June) I haven't read that much which is for me really weird since I usually read at least some book every month. However, I want to change that this year and also start to explore the fantasy world because I feel that when it comes to fantasy I mainly read the same thing over and over again and I would like to try something new.
These are just some resolutions that I came to think of right now but I think it'll be a challenge to keep them, but I'm really excited and want to give it a try. Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Years Eve (I'm writing this in advance so New Year's Eve is still in head of me but I reckon it's gonna be awesome! :D).

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