The Trailer!

I know that probably all of you know that the trailer is out on the internet now but let us all just sit down and watch the awesomeness once again.
I was in school when they released it but I was able to see it when I was going from a lecture to another lesson with my friend on his computer. I didn't hear everything (after all, we were walking and there were plenty of people talking and shouting in the hallway), but it was still epic. I can't say that I nearly fainted but if I had been living in the 19th century and worn a tight corset I would easily have fainted! It was sooo freakin great. I can't wait until December comes around with the movie. In my world of dreams I would like to do a full review of the trailer but I have a biology laboration report to write tonight, so I'm kind of busy and don't have the time... And in addition to that I've gotten a job as a private teacher on weekends etc so I have a lot on my agenda right now (=I don't know if I'll be able to post once a week). Anyways, hope you'll thought the trailer as good as I did! :)

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