"A Character I Used To Know" by Not Literally Productions

Ever since a friend of mine posted a link to Not Literally's video "Sorted this way", a Harry Potter version of Lady Gagas 'Born this way' I've not been able to stop obsessing. The group, which consists of Dana Ritterbusch, Ginny DiGuiseppi and Eric Tande make every once in a while a parody music video. They describe what they are doing with the following words "Not Literally creates fandom parody music and comedy sketches to please the fickle patrons of the Interwebs!"
During these couple of years they've been active they've done three Harry Potter-themed videos (one Hufflepuff song, 'Sorted this way', one Slytherin song, "We R Slytherin", and one Gryffindor song, simply "Gryffindor"), one Hunger Games parody - "Honor District Twelve" - and one Doctor Who-themed video - "Through Time", among other things. Their latest video, "A Character I Used to Know" - a Game of Thrones-themed parody - is as funny and heartbreaking as the others. You really notice how much effort they put into every single detail, whether it is costumes, singing or lyrics. I never ever thought that I would fall in love with a girl wearing a fake black beard singing how George RR Martin is a sadistic bastard, but I did. Ginny is perfect as Khal Drogo (and she really resembles Arya!) and if HBO ever needs a second Cersei Lannister they should really consider phoning Dana. If you haven't watched 'A Character I Used to Know' already, do that, you won't regret it! However, of you haven't seen season one of 'A Game of Thrones', or read the first book and thinking of doing that sometime DON'T watch it! Spoiler-warning all over the video.

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