Fears for the upcoming movies

I was overall quite pleased with how The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey turned out and I believe that Peter Jackson and Company will do just as good with the other two movies. However, I've got some fears I would like to share with you.
Legolas' fighting
As much as I like Legolas I don't want him to have a bigger role than he ought to have. Legolas' fighting sequences in The Lord fo the Rings trilogy - first the one with the balrog, then the one in Helm's Deep and finally the one where he took down an oliphaunt - became very popular and I wonder if PJ will embrace this and use Legolas' fighting skills in the two upcoming movies. Maybe he will rescue the dwarves from the spiders? Or perhaps he will show off some cool moves in the Battle of Five Armies? Either way I'm a bit nervous for the outcome.
The Wood Elves
In the Lord of the Rings (extended edition) Legolas claims that he has never tasted wine before. I've always wondered if the Wood Elves are going to drink wine (when the dwarves are escaping) or if they are going to solve this in another way. One part of me hope that they are going do it as the book says, but another part of don't want the movies to be contradictory. Well, either way it'll be interesting to see what they'll do.
This entire this with Tauriel disturbs me. First of all, I don't believe in the consept of throwing in female characters in the movie just because the book is lacking some - I can do perfectly well without female elves. Secondly, this rumour about Tauriel falling in love with one of the "Hot Dwarves" is quite annoying. Don't interpret me wrong, I don't have anything against women or romance - but this movie will be a great movie without throwing in a bunch of characters and letting them fall in love with each other.
The Battle of Five Armies
I've already mentioned The Battle of Five Armies but my worrying brain isn't finished yet. The first time I watched The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I quite fancied the battles. But after that first time I thought they took up too much time and became boring. I guess it's OK if you're only going to see the movie once but I love re-watching movies and I don't want the last movie to be one big battle sequence. I'm a bit worried about this, Peter Jackson has after all shown a tendency to focus way to much on the fighting and less on the beautiful small things....
OK, now I've complained way too much. I quite like parody songs, especially if they've got anything to do with The Hobbit and I thought this one was funny

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