My thoughts on Twisted - The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier

For almost three weeks ago, Starkid Productions uploaded their parody musical Twisted on youtube. The musical is a parody on Aladdin in the same style-ish as Wicked is on the Wizard of Oz. Twisted stars some well-known faces like Joe Walker (Prince Ahmed), Dylan Saunders (The Royal Vizier) and Lauren Lopez, but we're also introduced to new members of the cast like Rachael Soglin (The Princess).
Twisted is told from Jafar, Royal Vizier's point of view, how things aren't going as they should in the kingdom and how a guy named Aladdin charms the Princess and how eventually Jafar betrays the Sultan.
I love it. But... I don't think I ever again can see Aladdin because my view on Aladdin and the Sultan, and Jafar for that matter, has changed so dramatically that I would only be annoyed if I would watch Aladdin again. I thought it was really intresting to see the entire story from another perspective and altough there are many Aladdin/Disney parodies there aren't many where the bad-guy is portraited differently from the original story. But I thought that was really intresting since there are almost always reasons to why someone turned "evil" and perhaps it's not always those people who're the real bad-guys in the story.
Anyways, it was a great musical but what bothered me a bit was all the swear words. Don't get me wrong, I'm not this person who reacts like a crazy lady if I hear a swear word but they used swear words in every other sentance and it got a bit tiresome... But apart from that, everything was great and especially the filming which has developed enormously since their first musical!
Here is the entire musical;

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