DIY Game of Thrones snowflake

I am all for DIY-projects. Especially when it envolves one of my favourite fandoms, Game of Thrones. Since it is quite some time until the next season I searched on youtube in the hope of finding some Game of Thrones related things and I found this: 
So adorable and fun to do. I tried to do it and although it was quite difficult in the beginning it got easier towards the end and I actually think it turned out quite well. All you need is a pair of scissors (I started out with a pair of quite big scissors but switched them for a pair of really small scissors since it was easier to cut out all the small parts with that one) a printer and some paper. The patterns for doing these snowflakes can be found on this website. I made the snowflakes for House Targaryen and House Stark since they are my favourite houses but there are several other house-patterns on the website.
Since it's only a couple of days until Christmas I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and I hope you'll have time to take it easy and simply enjoy the holiday.

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