Fashion in Middle-earth - Hobbit dress

As much as I love hairstyles, fashion, makeup etc I absolutely love sewing and doing costumes. Here is a short post about doing a hobitt dress. This will be about an ordinary plain hobbit dress, there are many different versions and you can alter it in any way you want.
Here is a picture of four lovely young hobbits. The kind of style that this post will be about is close to the one the girl on the left is wearing.
What you need for a hobbit dress is basically four (or three) different pieces of cloths. First of all you need a skirt that goes to about mid calf. Earthy colors or fabrics with flower prints are to be preferred.
This is the Simplicity Hobbit Pattern. I don't really like it overall, but the skirt looks really nice!
Then you'll need a blouse à la renaissance or a peasant blouse with a rounded and gathered neckline. It should have puffed sleeves and not go below your elbow. A white blouse is the best but cream colors would do aswell.
This pattern is from Butterick's. I really like how the blouse (OK, it's a dress but can simply be made into a blouse) looks!
Next thing is a corset bodice. It could be a bit tricky to find a pattern for this since most corsets lace up in the front, which is not what kind of look we're going for. We want a kind of square neckline and the corset can have, if wanted, another color, or some print (not modern though) in the middle. What is probably most important is that the corset does not go below the bust.
This pattern from Butterick's is not ideal. However, I think it is quite nice and one can work a bit with this pattern and then acquire the perfect bodice.
The fourth and optional pieace of clothing is the apron. If you're going for a more festive look, skip the apron, otherwise a white apron, not as long as the skirt, is very becoming to this kind of style.
What if I don't like/know how to sew?
A hobbit-dress is the kind of costume you can, with a bit of luck, and the access to a grandma's or a mother's wordroab, pull off. A skirt is probably the easiest. Be careful though that there is no visable zipper that might be showing. Most people own a floral blouse or similar which can be used as the white renaissance blouse, otherwise most vintage stores have some white shirts with puffed sleeves which can be bought for a reasonable prise.

The corset bodice is the difficult part. Most people don't own a corset but in the worst senario a tank top can always be used. And of course, one can always use a plain bustier with no print on. They are really popular now in the summer and is found in almost every high street store, like H&M.
What about footwear?
Hobbits do not wear shoes. End of story. However there's no rules without exeptions. In the ideal world there are no shoes to a hobbit dress but if you live in a cold place like me and are planning to wear your costume in the winter when the premiere takes place you probably don't want to go barefoot in the snow. At least I don't. So, what I would do is buy a pair of black old fashioned shoes with a tiny heel. Nothing that stands out, just a pair of plain old shoes and then I would imagine me not having shoes and instead walking around with slight bigger, and definately hairier feet.

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