The Wisdom of the Shire

One of my favorite book shops, The English Book Shop in Uppsala has ordered a bunch of The Hobbit/Tolkien related books. Yesterday I went into the shop and found an entire table packed with amazing books (everything from The Hobbit in latin to The complete guide to The Hobbit). What caught my attention the most was "The Wisdom of the Shire - A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life" written by Noble Smith. The title may sound a bit cheesy (especially the later part) but don't mind that! You'll love this book! I've only read the first two chapters and I'm already in love with the book. For example, chapter 1 is about "How Snug Is Your Hobbit-hole?". Here Smith writes about Hobbit-holes (suprise!) but also about other homely places in Middle-earth. Besides that you'll learn where the word "Orc" comes from and what/who Moloch is. Each chapter is summarized with a "The Wisdom of the Shire tells us;...". It's a lovely book to read when it's cold outside and you sit in you cozy Hobbit-hole with a large cup of tea. I actually think that you (at least I) will appreaciate life more after finished reading the book. I truly recommend it although it was (according to me, being a student with not sooo much money) a bit expensive. I had to pay 210 Swedish crowns which is about 31,3 US dollars and 19,6 GBP. However, I feel it was worth the money (and just look at the cover! Love it!).
By the way, here's a link to Smith's webpage. And here you can read about "Break Bread Like A Hobbit?"
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Tack för tipset! Jag blev väldigt nyfiken på den där boken nu. Hoppas att jag har råd att köpa den själv, men tills dess skall jag prova ett inköpsförslag hos det lokala biblioteket. Ibland kan man ha tur. :)

Svar: Varsegod! :) Jag har kommit typ halvvägs nu och den är fortfarande väldigt bra (ibland känns det dock lite onödigt att de förklarar vissa saker, typ att Aragorn, Legolas och Gimli sprang efter orcerna i The Two Towers, men jag antar att det är bra för att alla ska förstå!)

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