Some amazing videos from Middle-earth

As you probably know, there's a ton of fantastic videos on youtube about "me singing my favorite Lord of the Rings-song", "How to do your own Arwen dress" and so on. I just wanted to share my favorite videos with you :D
1. Fili and Kili! Aren't they adorable? This is the first episode of Happy Hobbit (if you don't count the introduction) of their "how to bring Middle-earth in to your daily life".
2. Jon Cozart is beside being a super talented singer/video-editor a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, Here's his version of the Lord of the Rings (in just 99 seconds):
3. As I mentioned in my last post Loepsie have done some videos about Lord of the Rings hairstyles. This one is probably my favorite (but it's really hard to decided since she's done some other really amazing hairdos!)
4. I couldn't ignore this one. I simply couldn't. Isn't this adorable? And hey, Peter Jackson found his Precious!

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