My thoughts about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Today,  ~00.15 the cinema pressed the start button for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The movie lasted for ~2 h and 45 min (which resulted in me only getting 3 hours of sleep). I watched the movie in 3D HFR and though I wasn't too impressed with the new technique I absolutely loved the film. Even if the high fram rate made en viewing much more comfortable than with only 24 frames per second I still experienced a bit of the "blurriness" which comes with the 3D which I wasn't too pleased with. Overall the film was great, PJ & Co have done a great job and I really look forward to the following movies (it's only a year from now....). However I do have some opinions on certain things in The Hobbit which I would like to share with you. So, I'm warning you all. A BIG SPOILER WARNING!
And I mean a BIG spoiler warning!

I'm going to start with the things I wasn't happy about:
- The entire thing with Azog. Hm... Nah, it just wasn't my thing really. I could've been nice and I quite liked it in the beginning but towards the end of the movie, when Thorin fights Azog and nearly gets killed, they kind of lost me. And the hole thing with Bilbo trying to rescue Thorin. No, not my cup of tea.
- I've always imagined goblins to have a very foul way of speaking, and they did certainly not have some weird English/Australian accent as the Goblin King has. His way of looking and way of speaking is so unmatching as it ever can be.
- Fili and Kili... I haven't really made my mind up yet. On one hand they're pretty funny (and of course charming) but on the other... there's something with their way of being which I almost find too childish. I'll see what I can say about them after watching the movie again.
- This isn't a bad thing really. I'm just wondering how they are going to do with The Lord of the Rings now. I mean Bilbo in The Hobbit found the Ring in a different way than Bilbo in the Lord of the Rings... Maybe they're going to do some editing and synchronize the two movies? One can always hope.
The Good Part:
- I loved the beginning with Bilbo and Frodo. The fealing you got that it's not so long until the long expected party, that soon Frodo's journey will begin. It was soo cozy, beautiful and just amazing.
- I've had my doubts about Radagast (especially his looks) but I've got to admit that I became quite fond of him. His odd way of speaking (and not to say travelling, I mean who don't want to have a rabbit sleigh from now on?) and dressing was totally right for him. Absolutely amazing! And if I ever get acquited with a hedgehog, I'm gonna name him Sebastian!
- FIGWIT! Oh, I loved that Peter Jackson involved Bret Mckenzie in The Hobbit.
- Rivendell, the Eyrie, the Shire. *Sigh*. The surroundings are soo freaking beautiful that you die. I especially liked the eyrie of the Eagles. The steep mountains filled with green trees against a marvellous sunset.
- I particually liked the part with Erebor and the dwarfs. It was really beautiful (especially the City of Dale) and well put together. Even though it wasn't true to the book it didn't bother me at all.
Hope you all enjoyed the movie!

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