Christmas presents! :D

Christmas is coming up and many of us have already bought presents for our near and dear. (I haven't). So if you are like me, here's some tips of what you can give your Tolkien-nerd-friend.
A Fellowship Cloak! How cozy isn't it to get a fellowship cloak? If you have enough of time, some fabric and a sewing machine, this is a great gift! Here's a pattern.
I'm not especially good at working with metal, but if you are, giving away an elven cirlet is perfect! Here's a guide to Arwen's Butterfly crown done in clay.
Why not have Elijah Wood/Frodo (staring into the distans) on your wall? Elbenwald sells it for only 4,99 € right now. (Shipping often cost ~10 € but they have a store in Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden, so if you're in the neighbourhood...)
The Two Towers - Frodo Teaser Poster
Wouldn't it be nice to have Gollum staring at you while you are eating your breakfast? The Tolkien Shop are selling quite a lot different mugs with character pictures for only 9,99 €
In the middle:
I always have a Tolkien calendar (hm... always... at least the two previous years.) and I'm quite fond of these movie calendars. This one is from Warner and Bros. Shipping to Europe costs 20 $.
How cool isn't it to have the key to Erebor in your house? Weta sells the key for only 29.99$
I don't smoke nor do I appreciate people who smoke close to me (I just can't stand the smell) but I wouldn't say no if someone gave me Gandalf's pipe as a Christmas present. After all, it's quite awesome to have a pipe in your living room. The Tolkien Shop sells some different pipes. Here's Gandalf's pipe with standard, 125 €.
As we all know Weta is pretty good at designing things but this is just sick. Imagine having Bag End at your house. You would never have problem with a conversation topic. It costs 130 $
If you're in the rare position of having too much money you can always buy a letter. A letter from Tolkien. This perticular letter costs 2500 €

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