Game of Thrones Ascent

I am not the person who plays a lot of video games. The clostest I've been to actually play a proper video game (before this week) was probably the times when I've bought my cousin some video games. However, recently I've started to play Game of Thrones Ascent and it's really good! It's a strategy RPG with battles, intrigues and trading opportunities, and you get to follow the event of the book as well as some other stories set in Westeros. In this game you play a lord or a lady who's supposed to maintain his or hers lands, fight against criminals as well as other nobles. It doesn't include real combat and it's more of a political game and the success depends on what kind of decisions you make and what alliances you join. Suprisingly enough, I really like this game and I've already spent way to much time playing it when I've should've been listening to my teachers. Since I've not played so many video games prior this one I don't really know how this one compares to others but at least I thought it was fun, easy to understand and you can play it on your own (which I think is great because not that many of my friends enjoy playing video games, haha).

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