Nail polishes inspired by The Silmarillion

There are several nail polish collections out there that are inspired by The Lord of the Rings or some other fantasy but I've never really tried any of those before. However, when I saw Aliquid's nail pollish collection that was inspired by The Silmarillion I just couldn't resist buying a few. The formula is, to be honest, not the best, it's a bit too gloopy for me but it's still OK. However, the colors are absolutely amazing! The nail polishes come in two different sizes, 15 ml and 5 ml. The 15 ml ones cost 9$ and the mini ones cost 4 $. I bought three 15 ml nail polishes, Devouring Wave, Nightingale's Song and Hidden City. They were all beautiful but my favourite one (which I also think favourite of all my nail polish) is Devouring Wave which also had the best formula of the three I tried.
Devouring Wave, a blue nail polish with some big chunky glitter (white/light blue and red) and some smaller ones aswell.
Hidden City, a green nail polish with some small golden glitter.
Nightingale's Song, a silvery nail polish.