Currently reading | July

I have been working almost every single day this month and I haven't been able to read as much as I would've wanted. But with that said there has been one book that I've been reading almost the entire month (yes, it's going slow) and I'm still reading, and that is American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have never, shockingly enough, read anything by Neil Gaiman before but I was recommended this book for a while ago and although I was a bit sceptical in the beginning it has turned out quite well. This book is about a man called Shadow who has been in jail for the last three years or so. When he is about to be released he learns that his wife Laura has died in a car crash. On his way home he meets a man called Wednesday. This man is really weird and different and asks Shadow to work for him. Eventually Shadow accepts the offer and learns that not only can the dead pay you a visit but that all the gods mankind has ever worshiped is alive and walking this Earth.
American Gods isn't similar to anything I've previously read and although I've only read 300-ish pages I think it's interesting and new. And since I love mythology it's so fascinating to "meet" all the different kinds of gods. The way Gaiman portaits the gods is also really intersting.
Talking about books. Last month's book was The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman. At the time I wrote that blog post I had only read 200 pages of the book and thought that it was amazing. I don't do that anymore. The last 300 pages was really boring. The portait of the boys wasn't as vivid as they could've been and I simply think that the reltionships in this book was flat and boring. I mean, The Left Hand of God was an OK book, but I've read better and sadly enough I don't think that I'll purchase the following two books in the series.