A visit to Kung Björns Hög

Some of you might have noticed that I love history, and especially the Viking Age, Vendel Age etc so I thought that I should visit Kung Björns Hög in Uppsala this morning (King Björn's Mound). This mound was constructed during the Bronze age, 1000 BC and is one of the biggest mounds from the Nordic Bronze Age. The name Kung Björns Hög comes from the king Björn på Håga (Björn at Haugi (at the Barrow)) who ruled Sweden together with his brother Anund who resided at Old Uppsala during the 9th century or so. So even though the mound is called King Björn's it isn't him that is buried there
When I was young my school went to Kung Björns Hög every year but since then (which is 7 years ago) I haven't visited the mound but lately I've seen the mound from distance quite a lot and it looks so beautiful that I simply had to visit it someday. And since it's currently amazing weather here in Sweden I decided this morning that I would have a late breakfast at the mound and enjoy the company of imaginary Bronze Age women and men.
Here's some pictures from my morning:
The road to Kung Björns Hög
The mound itself
A stone ship found close to the barrow.
When I arrived at the entrance of the Håga area they had put up a sign that said that it wasn't allowed to go on the mound since too many people had gone on it and ruined the surface or something so I was really pleased when I came closer to the mound and saw the sign below that informed visitors that it was now allowed to go on it again.
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