Reactions to the picture of Beorn

If you haven't seen the picture of Beorn and doesn't want to read anything about it, I would advice you to stop reading right now since this post will exclusively be about my reactions to that picture. I will not post the picture here, only link it, but if you don't want to know anything about Beorn, stop reading.
Ok, I had initially planned not to watch the picture of Beorn before the premiere since I was afraid that I would get disappointed. However, I friend of mine talked about the picture so much that I gave in and looked at it. I so wish I would've done that... I don't know what Peter Jackson was thinking when he created this look but it was certainly not how I pictured Beorn. In my mind Beorn had some kind of beard, but not the kind of whiskers he has on the photo. And he didn't either have the El Sharaawy haircut which I personally think looks really ridiculous. Additionally, he looks sort of like a more human form of Shewbacca or a micture between a rodent, a hedgehog and a lion... Not especially nice.
An easy way would've been to make a figure similar to Hagrid in Harry Potter. It would've work just find, but since that look is already taken I guess that PJ tried to be a bit more innovative.
I really hope that my thoughts on Beorn will change as soon as I see the movie since I really like the character. I don't know what I can expect from Persbrandt. Since I've never really watched any of the movies he has a role in I can't speak for his acting abilities, but let's hope they're equally good as the other actors in The Hobbit because he need to be super-duper good if he's going to pull off this horrific and ugly look.