Let's Make a Dread

I love dreads. I absolutely do, especially the thinner ones with a lot of beads in it. However, I also love to do old fashioned/fantasy hairstyles and those two interests can be slightly difficult to combine sometimes. So result of that: three dreads. Until today. Three became four. I took some pictures of that if anyone of you are interested in making dreads yourself. Dreads are amazing!
Step one. Section out the hair you want to make your dread from. Depending on how thick you want your dread your section will vary in size. My section was probably around 1.5 cm. 
Start back combing your section. Only comb it in small strokes, don't comb it all the way from the bottom all the way up. Your hair will get very poofy (if it's like mine). Either you can start crocheting your hair right now or wait until you've teesed your entire section (as I did). What I do is that I leave them for now and crochet them in when I get the next point. 
Either you can start palm rolling your section (which won't create as tight of a dread instantly as crocheting but it will eventually tighten up too) or you can start crocheting. My crochet needle is a 1.25 mm needle and I bought it at a knitting store. What you want to do is start at the top of your dread, stick in the needle in your dread, slightly downwords and pull up. When you do that you'll be pulling the hair and the dread will get tighter. This will take quite a long time if you have as long hair as I do...
Now you're done! Just leave the dread and it will tighten over time. If you want to you can palm roll it (simple roll it between your palms) or crochet it (especially the ends and the top usually requires a bit of work).
Disclaimer: I'm by no means a professional when it comes to dreads, I'm just sharing how I've made my dreads.