Peter Jackson to direct Doctor Who?

These last days rumours have been saying that Peter Jackson is possibly to direct one Doctor Who episode. Steven Moffat, the executive director of Doctor Who, has what it seems like given the Oscar-winning director an open-ended invitation to direct one episode when Peter Jackson is available. However, since Jackson is busy in Middle-earth these following two years there's not very likely we're going to see him as director of Doctor Who in the near future.
I would personally think if would be really intresting to see what Peter Jackson could do with Doctor Who. I complain quite often about Jackson and his way of making movies into a long battle scen but I can't help being really excited about this. What would Jackson make of the Doctor's unwillingness to use other weapons than his Sonic Screwdriver? And would we see any Daleks?
I fear that this might never happen since Peter Jackson most of the time has some big project going on, but  Peter Jackson seems to be quite fond of those golden Daleks so there's always hope! He has said that it wasn't necessairy for him to get paid in money, it would suffice with a gold Dalek.