Book haul!

Remember that I said that I was going to buy Frostskymning by Anders Björkelid for about a month ago? Well. I didn't. Not because that I didn't want to buy it but because I didn't really have the money. Anyways, I did get Froskymning today and I thought that I might talk about some books that I've bought over the past month.
The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
This is the third novel in the series The Lorien Legacies written by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes). The main protagonist in the series is a teenager, John Smith, or Number Four. He is in fact not a human but an alien from the planet Lorien which was invaded by the scary Mogadorians (aliens as well, but evil). All of the inhabitants of Lorien died besides nine children (the Garde) and their Cêpans (/mentors) who managed to get to Earth. The Mogadorians have now, some 10-13 years later come to Earth and all they want is to kill the rest of Garde and the Cêpans before taking over the Earth aswell. I have already read this novel and I got to say that I really enjoyed it. I find it even more intresting than the two previous books in the series which says quite a lot about this book (because I absolutely loved the other two). The first novel was told from John Smith's perspective. The second one was told by both John and Number Seven. The third novel, without spoiling too much, is presented from the POV of three of the members of the Garde which I think contributes to a broader perspective. Anyways, I really recommend this book but if you haven't read any of the Lorien Legacies I would suggest that you would start with I am Number Four, otherwise you won't understand one iota.
Spook's: I am Grimalkin by Joseph Delaney
This book is the ninth in the series The Wardstone Chronicles written by Joseph Delaney. I began reading this series for some five years ago. However, I did not read them in a chronological order which led to some confusion. Now I've done the mistake again. I thought that I had read the eighth novel in the series, The Spook's Desiny, but I had apparently not done that. So I won't be reading this book in a while since I want to read them, this time, chronologically. Anyways, in this world there's witches, boggarts - basically everything you don't want to encounter. Nevertheless, there is a Spook that guards the County and keeps it safe. He is now getting older and although he have had many apprentices none have succeeded, there is only one left - Thomas Ward. He is the seventh son to the seventh son and he is the County's last hope against the evil. This series is good. Like really good. I know that it might be for younger teenagers ~13-14 but I still find it really intresting (and actually scary aswell). If you're planning on reading this series, do start with the first one otherwise you'll end up just like me - really confused.
Geist by Phillipa Ballantine
This book is the first in the series A Book of the Order by Phillipa Ballantine. I can't tell you very much about it, since I basically don't know anything about it. The reason why I bought it was because The English Bookshop had an offer "buy 3, pay for 2". I had already chosen two books that I wanted to buy but didn't know which one I would choose for the third one. I was going to see a musical that day and was running out of time so I sort of picked a book randomly. But at least it looks like it's a good book.
And then there's Frostskymning but since I've already talked about it in a previous post I won't bore you with repeting what I've already said ;)
PS. I will make a promise. As soon as I've finished reading Frostskymning I will post a review. However, it will probably take some time...