Warner Bros. Studio Tour Highs and Lows

Before I start I just want to point out that this entire post is going to be one big fat spoiler meaning, if you want to visit the Harry Potter Studios and don't fancy knowing what exactly you're going to see, stop reading!
Initially I planned to write a review on each and every area in the tour but that got so boring that I instead decided to to a highs and lows which don't really cover everything seen in the tour but quite a lot.
The Best of the Tour
The Hogwarts Model
There were a couple of things which I particularity liked about the tour, the best thing was probably the model of Hogwarts and its surroundings. Everything was so amazing and perfect with the model that I can't even explain what an experience it was seeing it. It was so  incredible that I almost started crying. The castle was meticulously done and the bluish/purplish lightning added to the feeling of actually being close to the real castle. The only downside with the somewhat unusual lightning was that the cameras couldn't really focus and it look kind of weird on the screen...
 View over the Hogwarts Model, 1:24
The Gryffindor Commonroom, The Potions Classroom
Another things which I really enjoyed was the different rooms they exhibited, for example you were allowed to see the Gryffindor Commonroom, Dumbledoor's Office, the Gryffindor Boy's Dormitory, the Potions Classroom and the Kitchen of the Burrow, to mentions a few. Everything looked exactly as it did in the movies which I thought was really fun because you recognized so many things! One thing which I thought was really incredible was the amount of props that had been made that weren't especially important for the movie but were still made with such care, for example, they showed us a Quidditch book that had information on sooo many players and the schedule of (I think) the Quidditch World Cup. We were never showed this book in the movies but still they put so much effort into making it perfect! That I thought was quite stunning!
 Snape in the Potions Classroom
The Clothes
I really, really love costuming and clothes and when I discovered all the clothes they exhibited I was really thrilled! Everything from Harry's, Ron's and Hermione's clothes when they were in London after the Death Eaters had taken over the ministry to Dolores Umbridge's pink dresses and the Death Eater's black outfits. I enjoyed watching all these clothes which I also thought was displayed very neatly.
Bellatrix Lestrange's clothes
Other Highs: The Diagon Alley, The Wand-room
The Not so Great things
The Great Hall
I am kind of sad to say that the Great Hall was a disappointment, but it was... I kind of liked everything shown there and the clothes etc but the amount of time was so wrong. I think we were allowed to be inside for like five minutes when I easily could've spent a quarter of an hour there...
The Wigs
Honestly, I think it's really intresting with wigs and how one can with prosthetics make a person look so different from how they really look but unfortunately I lost my intrest with the wigs after five minutes. The reason to that I think is that they didn't really explain how they made the wigs and I thought it simply became boring...
I know that this may seem a bit silly, but I was a bit irritated over this. All the children got really fun handouts about Harry Potter from the staff but since we (me and my friends) aren't children we didn't get any. We thought that they looked really fun and even asked the staff if we might get one but we were declined... You might think that I am a bit childish to get upset over such a thing, and perhaps I am, but they looked so amazing, and they had so many of them so I don't see why we couldn't get one...
To Summarise
I think Warner Bros. Studio Tour was overall a really pleasant experience and totally worth the price (£30). I would recommend anyone with only the slightest intrest in Harry Potter to visit it! However, I'm not too sure if I would go back and visit it once more since it feels like I've seen most of the things they displayed. But on the other hand, the Hogwarts model was so amazing I could almost revisit the tour to see that once more...
I give the Warner Bros. Studio Tour  4.5  Butterbeers out of 5 since it was intresting, many things to see and simply beautiful (and cheap).