My heart broke into a thousands pieces

I seriously need to go to a therapy session or something like that. The Day of the Doctor, the 50th Anniversary Episode of Doctor Who was absolutely amazing and my heart couldn't take it at all. And I think I cried at least three times....
OK, before I start talking about the episode and what I thought about it I just want to shout out a big SPOILERS! So anyone who's not watched The Day of the Doctor can stop reading, like now.
So, a brief introduction to the episode The Day of the Doctor. It's the 799th episode of Doctor Who and is the fiftieth anniversary episode. It stars Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, who play the present Doctor and his companion, Clara Oswald. In addition we get to seeDavid Tennant, the tenth Doctor and Billie Piper, his companion (although her role in this episode was not really Ten's companion). John Hurt appeared in this episode as the War Doctor, an unknown incarnation of the Doctor. Joanna Page played Queen Elizabeth I and we also got to see a glipse of Peter Capaldi who will be the next Doctor. The Daleks and Zygons were the main bad aliens in this episode.
In London's National Gallery something terrible has awakened and mysterious things are happening in Elizabethian England. At the same time we get to see what happened to Gallifrey (the home planet of the Time Lords) during its final stages before its distruction.
day of the doctor ten rose eleven clara
Ten, Rose Tyler, Eleven and Clara Oswald. All of the looking totally supermegafoxyawesomehot.
So what did I think about this episode? I freakin' loved it. When I think about the episode now, retrospectively I do believe that I've seen better Doctor Who-episodes but while watching it, it was so awesome. It was unique, something I don't think really we've seen before and it had the anniversary feeling without it being too anniversary (i.e. they had intergrated the celebration really great into the plot so it didn't really feel as a typical anniversary episode but more like a unusual Doctor Who-episode with all the best bits and characters (and with a unique touch)). I have no idea if that made any sense, but you basically did notice it was the anniversary episode but it was still thrilling and Doctor Who-ish.
Were there things I didn't like? Yes. Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I didn't work for me. For some reason she didn't have the air of a queen and there were quite many things that would've needed improvement to make it more convincing. For example, she was too flimsy and didn't have that great authority that Queen Elizabeth I should've. Perhaps I didn't like Joanna Page's interpretation of Queen Elizabeth due to the fact that when I think about the Queen I think of Cate Blanchett but I do think that Page could've learnt a bit from Cate Blanchett how to get the authority-air and really look like a queen.Speaking of Queen Elizabeth I, I so didn't like the relation between her and the tenth Doctor. I know that Ten have had many relations during the course of the show but every time he has one I get annoyed because Ten and Rose is literally my OTP.
Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth I and David Tennant as the Doctor
And speaking of Rose... I think Billie Piper did an amazing job. She was fabulous as always. BUT I would have liked her to speak with Ten. I sat there all the time and was like "Can't you (Ten) see her?! And why doesn't she react to him being there?!" I know that she wasn't really Rose Tyler but "The Moment", but come on, it was just cruel to have Rose and Ten together without letting them talk to each other. However, I do understand that bringing her back as Rose Tyler and not The Moment/Bad Wolf would've made things much more complicated and it probably wouldn't've worked so I think that it was for the best to have Billie Piper as The Moment and not Rose Tyler.
She's just amazing.
Best moment: "I don't want to go", "Gerondimo, Allons-y, Oh for God's sake", the sneak peak of Peter Capaldi.
Best "Anniversary-feeling" moment: When Matt Smith hung from the Tardis, when Tom Baker talked to the Doctor towards the end.
And oh, I've barely mentioned Jenna Coleman, but she was great as Elven's companion!