Morning Glories

I'm not the kind of person who is obsessed with comics, I've actually only read a few. However, my teacher (or former teacher now) recommended me some comics so when my cousin came to town and wanted to buy some comics I thought that I would do that aswell. I didn't really know what to buy but eventually I decided for Morning Glories (issues 1-6) which I think is kind of well known in the comic world (?). Anyways, it's about a prestigious prep school to which six students arrive. The students are all very different but they share some common things, like having the same birthday. All seems well at first but after a while they discover that the school isn't as nice as it looked like but have some dark secrets.
I really thought that I would like this comic but I was honestly a bit disappointed. The artwork is beautiful but I had some difficulties with understanding where the story was going (although I might've been due to the fact that I had been up partying until 3 a.m. the previous night...) But I did think it was a bit difficult to understand the storyline. Perhaps it's because I usually read books where the writer has to give more discriptions which makes it easier for the reader whereas in comics you have to look at the pictures aswell as reading. And I think that I'm not that used to looking at pictures while I'm reading and therefore I had a hard time knowing where the storyline was going. I also thought that the story was a bit unrealistic, the entire thing with killing off parents and having weird ghost-like things in the school didn't seem very plausible. Perhaps an explanation for these things will be given later in the series but I thought that right now the storyline was kind of odd. Actually, I don't think that I'll be buying the next 6 issues anytime soon because I want to try some other comics which I hopefully will like better.
Blog news: My goal is to get up three posts each week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'll probably fail miserably, but I'll try at least :)