A True Disappointment

I read Эльфийский Клинок, (The Elven Blade) written by Nick Perumov for a couple of years ago. Since there's no English translation yet I read the Swedish translation, "Alvklingan". The book takes place in Middle-earth approximately 300 years after the fall of Sauron. Falco Brandybuck (heir of the famous Meriadoc) takes to the road with a dwarven friend after a hobbit is mysteriously murdered, but things has changed since the Fellowship walked the roads. Olmer, the powerful leader of the Eastern nations is gathering the nine Nazgûl's Rings of Power and a weird company is sighted at the Barrow-downs. Obviously, it wasn't as good as The Lord of the Rings (du'h) but it was still worth reading and I thought it was so good that I wanted to read the next book in the series, Черное Копье (Black Lance), translated to "Svarta Lansen" in Swedish. On my copy of The Elven Blade it says that The Black Lance was expected to be published during the autumn of 2011. Now it is 2013. Every year since 2011 they have postponed the publishing with a year each time, and I am kind of getting tired of waiting. I know 2 years isn't that bad (comparing to the Song of Ice and Fire...) but I have the feeling that something is amiss with the copyright or the translation company or similar.
I contacted Anna Bengtsson who works at Coltso, the company who is translating Nick Perumov's work into Swedish and she told me that "Svarta Lansen" (The Elven Blade) was due to be published in April 30, 2014. Woho. At least they haven't postponed the publishing with a year this time so perhaps it is actually going to be published next year? I sent another email asking about how realstic she thinks it is for the book to be published next year, but she hasn't that mail... Anyways, it'll be really intresting to see what next April brings and I hope I shan't be as disappointed as I was when I walked in to my local bookshop and got the news that I wasn't going to be able to buy Svarta Lansen this year either.


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