What did I think about The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug?

I am so tired right now (and I managed to delete everything I had written so I'm not that happy, but I'll try to write it again... :P). Anyways, the movie was amazing, the atmosphere was awesome and I got three hours of sleep.
OK, I don't think that'll have to say that this post will contain spoilers, but I'll do it anyway: SPOILERS!
When we left the dwarves last time they had been rescued by the eagles and stood in an eyrie looking at a beautiful sunset. This time when we meet them they are being chased by Azog and his band of orcs somewhere between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood. Fortunately they manage to take refuge at Beorn's place where they can stay awhile. Gandalf decides to leave them just before they are to enter the Mirkwood (after saying goodbye to Beorn and his horses). Due to that the dwarves and Bilbo are left alone to fight the evils of Mirkwood that they might encounter. During their journey through Mirkwood they run into spiders, beautiful butterflies, the elves of the Woodland Realm and of course some orcs. Thranduil imprisons the dwarves but thanks to our favourite burglar they escape. Legolas does some Helm's Deep-ish moves and Tauriel and Kili fall in love with each other. They come to the Lake Town where they meet Bard and get the permission from the King of the Lake Town to continue their journey to the Lonely Mountain. Just in time for the last light of Durin's Day they come to the hidden door where Bilbo finds the key hole. Soon enough manage the dwarves and Bilbo to upset the dragon Smaug and when failing to kill him Smaug flies away towards Lake Town to set the town on fire.
Things I absolutely loved.
- The settings: Don't really know what to say about this that hasn't been said already. The settings is by far Peter Jackson's greatest asset. It's absolutely stunning and I more than once almost thought that I actually was in Middle-earth.
- Martin Freeman.
- Tauriel: Before the premiere I wasn't too sure about Tauriel, in fact I had made up my mind not to like her. But she was just so awesome I couldn't help myself liking her. I realised that my heart had been longing for a female character who was totally bad-ass and had twice as long hair (at least!) as I do. However, I'm not too sure about this thing she's got with Kili (or for that matter Legolas' feelings for Tauriel).
- Bard: Although Luke Evans would've been great as Thranduil, Legolas father (they are such a look a likes!) I think he was absolutely amazing as Bard.
- Smaug: Oh Smaug the stupendous... He was so well done! I can't imagine how they can make a dragon look so realistic! I was at the beginning a bit suspicious about his voice but I think that Benedict Crumberbatch made a pretty decent job after all, it's difficult to give a dragon a voice. Just got to say that my favourite part of the Smaug-scenes was when he got covered in melting gold and then flew away like a golden monster.
Things I'm not sure what I think about.
- The spiders: They were... made to look very realistic... and they were very disguisting to look at, which I think was Peter Jackson's intention. But I just feel that whenever there's a chance for Peter Jackson to make a fighting-scene or disguisting animals he takes it too far. The spiders were amazing, I give PJ that, but it was just a bit too much (for me at least).
- Beorn: I don't know what to make of Beorn. It bothered me lots that Mikael Persbrandt had this weird accent (he almost sounded russian) but sometimes it felt OK, but then I looked at his side-burns-ish-things and I was just like; What've they done to you? But in his bear-shape he was great.
- Thranduil: Another "I-don't-know-what-to-make-of-you". Lee Pace had this elvish feeling about himself, but for some reason I didn't like him that much. Perhpas it was the eyebrows. I should send them some tweezers. (By the way; I loved the scene where his flesh sort of melted, that was really cool!).
- Azog/Bolg: It kind of worked this time (better than the last movie at least). But I'm still a bit like "You should be dead". And it feels as though they're only there because Peter Jackson wants some orc-elf-fights.
Things I wish they would've done.
- I miss the part where the dwarves hear the elves sing in the forest and tries to make contact with them.
- I didn't think about this while watching but looking back I do miss the part where Bombur falls alseep during their way through Mirkwood.
Fangirl moment: I know it's really silly, but I can't help crushing on Orlando Bloom. It's so embarrasing, but he was sooooo great. (Sorry for that. It won't happen agani ;) ).
I didn't wear anything special, when it comes to clothes (just a Hobbit-shirt) but I wanted to wear my elf-ears. So here's a little of how I looked like. Enjoy :P Btw, hope you all loved the movie as much as I did. If I were to rate it I think I would give it a 9 out of 10.
(The hair-style is two lace dutch braids fashioned in a sort of milk-braid hairstyle/crown braid).

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