My apron-skirt is done!

In my last entry I wrote that I had bought some fabric that I wanted to make a smokkr/apron-skirt out of. Yesterday I finally finished it. 3 am. My University initiation was far more intense than I could ever have imagined and time just flew by. Since I needed it yesterday last night was the only time left to sew. But I made it, wohoo. 
So, the fabric I bought was this one from Medeltidsmode. The pattern was based on a smokkr-pattern from this booklet. I can't remember where I bought from but I'm fairly sure it was either Medeltidsmode or Korps. The booklet is in english and contains instructions for two sarks and two smokkrs (apron-skirts). I didn't fully follow the instruction and I honestly kind of regret buying it, but it might be useful to have some instructions for future projects. The apron-skirt I've made is based on the fitted smokkr which is the third instruction in the booklet.
So this is the result; 
Besides the apron-skirt I'm wearing an underdress (which can't be seen) and a green wool-dress. The straps on the dress is sown to the bust for now but I'm planning on (when I've saved some money) to buy a pair of viking brooches which I think will take the dress to an entirely different level. 
Funny story though, the first thing I do with the fabric is to spill out a glass of milk on it at 1 am. You could say that I was not super happy after that :P 
Something I really want to do next is learn how to tablet weave (which would be really cool to sew on to the dress aswell). Anyways, I hope you have equally amazing weather as I've had, that you can enjoy the last of summer and just have an awesome week!