Frostskymning by Anders Björkelid

For more than 1 ½ years ago I bought Ondvinter by Anders Björkelid upon recommendation from one of the staff of my favourite book store, I read the book and I totally fell in love with his style of writing, the theme of the book and especially the characters. Since then I've read the second and third book and this month the fourth and final book of the series, Frostskymning, will be released this month (apparently today according to SF-bokhandeln which hopefully is true). I haven't bought it yet but hopefully I'll be able to do that tomorrow - even though I'm a bit short of money... Truth be told, I don't read much Swedish fantasy literature but I totally fell in love with Ondvinter and I've been looking forward to reading this book for the last 1 ½ years actually. 
So if you're in the mood for reading some Swedish fantasy literature - this series is definately worth a try, especially if you're a person who also enjoys reading about Swedish and Sámi folklore (the third novel has some creatures who're very much inspired by the Northern Swedish folklore).
Anyways, I truly recommend this series and I'm really looking forward to read the final book :D

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