I'm usually the last person to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to TV series, and so I am this time as well. I've heard a great deal about a series called Vikings but I've never really taken time to watch it, despite my big intrest for vikings. However, yesterday I decided to watch it and it's freaking amazing. I've watched an entire season in two days and I still want more.
The series is mainly about a man called Ragnar Lodbrok who lives with his wife Lagertha and two children. Ragnar has come over a tool which makes it possible to sail over open sea and to England. The Jarl in this area does not want the people to go west but instead east where they usually go. Ragnar defies this decision and leaves for England with some men.
I truly love this series. The actors are all fantastic and although the surroundings aren't Scandinavian at all (which does bother me a bit) it's beautiful. Speaking of being true to reality. I'm sorry but the portait of Uppsala is seriously the worst ever. Uppsala is really flat and the temple in the series was on a huge hillside. The only hills in Uppsala (or Old Uppsala) that are that big are the barrows. In the beginning I was really bugged by the fact that the actors all spoke English with some Scandinavian dialect but now I've become used to it and although it's still weird, it's OK.
The things above do bug me but they aren't that disturbing actually. The series is amazing and I recommend it to everyone that has a slightest intrest in history or just want to watch a great series.

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