Counting down to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversairy

This Saturday is finally the Day of the Doctor airing. I actually thought that the 23rd of November would never, ever come but we're eventually here. I'm really excited over this episode, not only because it's been awhile since the last Doctor Who episode but also because my favourite Doctor and his companion, the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler, is coming back. Don't really know what I should expect from this episode but I guess that's going to be quite many jokes about there being several doctors and the same time? But it's going to be really intresting to see what the episode will be about, and in addition, I'm so looking forward to see how the two (or three) different Doctors interact with eachother and if you can see that they are portaiting the same person, but different regenerations of the Doctor.
Tessa Netting is a super talented girl who has done quite many parody-video-thing-ish but her last one is one of the best (which she's done together with Joe Moses known from for example Starkid productions). I just love it and it's perfect to watch while waiting for next Saturday to come around.

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